Copper alambic handmade from Portugal


Copper alambic handmade from Portugal


Copper alambic handmade from Portugal.

Due to its unique design and properties of copper - alambic are the best devices, allowing to obtain a variety of alcohols of the highest quality.

They are made in one of the oldest factories in Portugal. 

They are made of pure copper with a tinned partial dome.Products that can be used to distill a mash sugar and fruit-berry or grain mash.

The products have an attractive appearance.

This Alembic made the traditional method forging of copper, with individual nodes of the boiler performed by brazing, providing long-term operation.

Alembic can be used as a column, and without the column. The presence of the column can not produce distilled only grappa / brandy / plum, and sublimation of volatile oils and herbal tinctures cooking on Customer's request.

An invaluable property of copper is its ability to remove sulfur compounds and the unpleasant odor of strong alcohol.

In addition, the copper alambic really provides a high degree of purification of the distillate while maintaining the organoleptic properties of the feedstock.

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